Madness in mayhem

September 12, 2011

in Twitter Inspired

Twitter’s a wonderful thing. It’s full of idiots and great people and everything in between. It brings both the information and the mechanism to cope with it – the madness to cope with the horror of the mayhem.

Take the tale of the banker and the lion. This type of thing bothers me. Powerless, great welts of frustration surface at the horror of the mayhem.

Madness had to be created to regain the joyful expectation of life. It was the usual culprits (RunSqueezyRun and hen4). We created the Teddy Liberation Front in hot pursuit of us on the lam for the atrocity of “violence to teddy bears”. Murder, in fact.

It culminated in Siry Hen Fnar Fnar, Goddess of Laughter, and the Great Teddy Bear Hunt of 2011.


It had to be done and my heartfelt gratitude to Hen for the “tea-nose-spurt” incident that followed.

Once madness arrives in the mayhem, I remember. Hope bubbles, keep walking on the beach throwing starfish back in to the ocean – it matters to this one.

I’m grateful for the madness that allows me to cope with the mayhem, whatever form it takes.

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