The Golden Thread

January 15, 2012

in Health

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There is a point of relaxation that sweeps through all the muscles we use to stand where we are suspended by our connection; a golden thread to which we are attached. Chronic contraction takes us away from this connection. Our spine, in spasm, tears away from the golden thread.

Chronic contraction – scar tissue of traumatic emotion and physical stress.

It’s not just the muscles that need soothing. There’s the memory of an emotion attached to the contraction. We might have forgotten, it may only be a small thing to our conscious minds and the release may seem disproportionately large by comparison. But the result is all about balance. About being about to relax through the muscles we use to stand and be suspended once more on a golden thread.

Immediate releases are screams garrotted by heavy breathing and I wonder what my physio’s neighbour must be thinking. Maybe it’s this thought that brings about a secondary response: hysterical laughter.

The first time this happened was in Chiang Mai, a joint massage to ease our aches from a long day of exploring. Fully clothed we lay in a room made entirely of bed and two tiny Thai women pummelled and beat us voraciously. They thought it was hysterical too – the entire clinic heard my garrotted-heavy-breathing-screams of hysterical laughter. Mortified!

But this time I don’t care if anyone hears. I want the pain to go away. I want balance. I want to be suspended on a golden thread.

Image: Kindling Play and Training – Lily Horseman

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